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Wooden Recording Studio Birmingham England

We are a commercial recording studio in Birmingham England. Our favourite recording studio in the world for tracking drums was, until recently, Avatar Studios (the old Power Station) in New York City.  When we decided to build Circle Recording Studios in Birmingham we knew we wanted a room with similar sonic characteristics.  The result is the Wooden Room.  Lined entirely with polished maple, this room has a high 13 foot ceiling and absolutely no parallel surfaces.  It has a 1.7 second long smooth dark reverb and measures over 3500 cubic feet.

As 24 tie-lines from the Wooden Room come up on our patchbay it can, like all of our other rooms, be used as a real reverberation chamber during recording and at mixdown.

The Wooden room is just one of the diverse sonic spaces in our Birmingham Recording Studio. If you are tired of synthetic reverb and samples and are looking for a real, organic sounding recording, give us a call.