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Recording Studios Birmingham: The Big Room

Circle Recording Studios in Birmingham England has one of the best sounding live rooms in England. At approximately 550 sq feet with an 18 foot ceiling, the Big Room (which is home to our beautiful piano) can easily accommodate 12-15 musicians and that's without reference to its large isobooth (which is 70 sq feet and has a 13 feet ceiling). And while the design brief was to be the best room in the UK to record drums, that's not all it does do. No less than twelve reversible acoustic panels, which are absorptive on one side and have binary amplitude diffusion on the other, means you can change the acoustics of the room to fit the track or instrument you are working on. From tight and dry to spacious and airy, this recording studio, in the heart of Birmingham (England), does it all.

Home to our beautiful sounding piano (take a listen on our Soundfiles page here: http://circlestudios.co.uk/soundfiles), the Big Room at Circle Recording studios is more than large enough for 20 classical musicians, a choir of up to 30 or as a spacious room for a band, from jazz to rock, who wants to do a 'live off the floor' recording. A good example of this is the series we did for BBC Bitesize. You can see and hear the Soweto Kinch Band performing "It Don't Mean a Thing (If it Ain't Got Swing) by Duke Ellington here: https://www.bbc.co.uk/education/clips/zqs9cwx

But we record all types of music here at Circle Studios. So if you need the biggest recording studio Birmingham has to offer, give us a call.